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About Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club

Story and Philosophy

Board of Directors



Our Story and Philosophy

OFVC Vision

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club is the leader in the development and delivery of quality, performance-based programs designed to encourage participation in, and a lifelong passion for the sport of volleyball.

OFVC Mission

Providing opportunity for personal growth, development and achievement of excellence through the sport of volleyball.

OFVC Values

Passion - We instill a love for the sport that encourages volleyball for life.

Respect - We promote ethical behaviour, fair play and respect for the game and all its participants.

Integrity - We act in a fair, consistent and transparent manner.

Dedication - We expect all members to make a commitment to themselves, their team and the club.

Excellence - We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards.

OFVC Philosophy

At the Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club, we embrace the philosophy of "athlete before player." This approach underscores our commitment to developing well-rounded individuals who excel not only in volleyball but also in life. We prioritize the holistic growth of our athletes, focusing on character, discipline, and teamwork alongside technical skills.


By instilling values that extend beyond the court, we aim to prepare our players to succeed not just in volleyball but in any endeavor they pursue. Our philosophy emphasizes the importance of nurturing the complete athlete, ensuring they emerge not only as skilled players but as confident, disciplined, and resilient individuals.

Read about our philosophy of "Athlete Before Player" as featured in The Ottawa Citizen

Don't let cost be a barrier to volleyball.

We offer financial assistance!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of passionate volunteers who generously contribute their time and expertise to the success of the Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club. Committed to the vision and mission of the club, these dedicated individuals selflessly devote their efforts to ensure the development and delivery of high-quality volleyball programs. Their voluntary service exemplifies a deep commitment to fostering personal growth, athletic achievement, and a lifelong passion for the sport within our community. We are grateful for their tireless dedication and invaluable contributions to the success of our programs.

Join our team and contribute your talent and dedication as a board member to help enhance the club experience. Together, we can shape the future of our community and empower athletes to achieve their full potential.

Join us for tryouts in September/October!


Our Coaches

Our dedicated coaching team at the Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club is committed to developing both skills and character in our athletes. With a focus on comprehensive player growth, our experienced coaches bring expertise to every age group, from 6 to 18. Beyond teaching volleyball, they instill teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship, creating a positive environment where athletes thrive both on and off the court.

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