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Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club

Celebrating 10 years of Volleyball in Ottawa!

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Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club

2020 Fusion Elite Summer Training Program

For Girls Born 2008 - 2002 and Boys Born 2007 - 2002

The Elite Summer Training Program is the best place for the athlete who is looking to optimize their entire summer.  Our program runs 3 full days a week for a total of 6 weeks. 

Our Summer Program has quickly become know as the BEST summer training program - PERIOD!   Our program provides the highest quality coaches, highly competitive training environment as experienced at top Provincial and Jr National programs. 

Each week athletes will experience 3 unique days designed to optimize their athleticism and refine their skills. 

Copy of Skill Clinics 2018 - Registration Open

Skill Clinics

These one-off sessions are an opportunity for the athletes to really focus on one skill at a time. Our talented coaching staff will design the clinic to enable beginner, intermediate and advanced level athletes to improve and polish their techniques.

Passing and Digging: Ball control is crucial in the game of volleyball and becomes one of the most valuable assets when being evaluated by coaches and recruiters.

Setting: Setting is not a skill uniquely required by a setter. In out-of-system plays, all players are expected to be able to set the ball.

Underhand/Overhand Serve: Serving consistently is a key part of succeeding as a team. As athletes become older and more advanced, the overhand serve becomes an important part of the strategy.

Attacking and Blocking: Probably the most flashy aspect of the game, attacking is also the skill that requires the most coordination.


Our competitive program is for girls and boys ages 12-18.

We been very successful in representing Ottawa in the competitive volleyball community in Ontario, Canada and Internationally. Tryouts are normally held in September and the competitive season runs for a total of 8 months.


Our developmental programs are for girls and boys ages 6-13.

We designed the programs to develop the complete athlete and prepare them for the competitive environment. We ensure that our time with the athlete is not limited to preparing them for success in one sport but instead providing them with all that is needed to be successful in any sport.


Our camps  are for girls and boys ages 11-16.

We offer several camps throughout the year. Players are exposed to techniques for passing, volleying, digging, serving, blocking, attack, approach, court movement and fitness. The camps are designed to be fun for athletes of all levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

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We would love to hear about your experience with Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club!

All levels Welcome

We have programs for every type of child athlete - beginners, competition-seekers, sport-loving and seasoned players.

Club Head Coach

We are the first club in Ontario to hire a full-time head coach who is dedicated to ensuring our program is the best in the province!

Off Season

We have several summer programs in place to keep the athletes in shape for next season. Camps, dryland training, elite training - there's something for every level!


We follow the "AthleteB4Player" mentality, where we make sure that every athlete finishes a program equipped with strong, all-round skills which will help in volleyball and life!

Learn More About Our Organization

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club has the vision to become the leader in the development and delivery of quality, performance-based programs designed to encourage participation in, and a lifelong passion for the sport of volleyball.

Our mission is to provide opportunity for personal growth, development and achievement of excellence through the sport of volleyball.

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