Welcome to 2020-21 Tryout Testing Combine! 

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club will be holding a Tryout / Combine on Saturday September 19th. In partnership with Sport Science Physio Labs, we are excited to use cutting edge technology to evaluate each athlete competing for spot on one of our COMPETE teams. The process will measure various data points around physical attributes, athleticism, along with specific capacities linked to performing volleyball specific skills. Although this combine will not have athletes serving, attacking, passing, it is specifically designed to identify the athletes who currently have the highest athletic and strength capacities among their peer groups that are required to develop dynamic volleyball skills.  Identified athletes will be extended offers to our group of outstanding coaches as a member of a Fusion COMPETE team for the 2020-21 volleyball season.  

In addition to identifying athletes for our COMPETE teams, together in partnership with Sport Science Physio Labs, we are committed to help educate all athletes who attend our combine on what they can improve on.  As part of the tryout combine, athletes will receive aathlete report at the conclusion of the tryout process (late September).  This report will provide great insight as to what strengths and weaknesses where identified at the combine along with some training recommendations to help the athlete improve various capacities linked to elite volleyball athletes.  

NOTE: As per OVA Guidelines, athletes who have already signed with a volleyball club are not eligible to register for the Tryout Combine. 

While attending the Tryout Combine: 

  • Daily Health Screening Questions - Link will be sent Sept 17
  • Controlled one-way entries and exits. 
  • Athletes must wear a mask during the combine until told otherwise. 
  • Athletes must come ready to perform physical testing - Water Bottle, running shoes, gym clothing (No Change rooms are provided). 
  • Contact Tracing Sign-iand Hand sanitizing at entrance to facility (Check-in tent) 
  • Athletes must remain in their cohort of 2-3 athletes once assigned following their screening and check-in. 


  • September 4th Registration opens for Tryouts testing Combine 
  • September 17th Tryout Registrations Closes (12:30pm) 
  • September 17th Individual Cohort start times will be emailed to the provided email addresses in the registration process (to be delivered before 8:00pm) 
  • September 19th Tryouts testing Combine. Athlete must return completed OVA form (link to .pdf is provided during registration process) 
  • September 20th Initial round of offers to be emailed to athletes  
  • September 21st Next round of offers to be emailed to athletes 
  • September 22nd Athletes not receiving an offer for the 2020-21 season will be notified via email. 

September 19th SCHEDULE

Time SlotGroupsTimesRegistration Link
Slot#1Boys8:00 am - 1:00 pmSlot 1
Slot#2Girls11:00 am - 4:00 pmSlot 2
Slot#3Girls2:00 pm - 7:00 pmSlot 3

  • Athletes are to arrive 15 minutes prior to their provided start time (time will be emailed later in the day on Sept 17th)
  • Wearing a mask, athletes will proceed to our screening station located in the tent set up outside
  • Individually screened for Covid-19 symptoms (please do not attend if showing signs of any Covid-19 symptoms) 
  • Athlete must submit their completed OVA registration form at check-in (link to .pdf is provided during online registration
  • Athletes will be assigned to groups of 2-3 athletes following check-in.
  • The athletes will rotate from each testing stations in their groups of 2-3
  • Upon completing their last test station, athletes will be free to leave.