Press Release: Fusion Partners with TutorOcean to Provide Athletes with Academic Support

OTTAWA, January 2019 – The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club (OFVC) continues to change the game by promoting academic excellence with new student-athlete support relationship.

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club is excited to announce their sport-leading relationship with TutorOcean ( a leader in cloud-based online academic tutoring services.  TutorOcean’s global network of educators supports students at all levels, from elementary through university levels including specialized preparation for SAT and second language training.

TutorOcean’s CEO Will Li is intimately familiar with the challenges of academia and sports.  At a young age, Will trained at a martial arts academy in China and competed locally and provincially until a series of serious injuries ended his career.  Having neglected academics to pursue athletic ambitions had come back to haunt him. Through hard work and the help of two tutors, Will was able to get back on track and eventually become a software engineer.  Inspired by his tutors, Will founded TutorOcean with the objective of making learning easy and accessible.  “I imagine a world where access to knowledge is not a privilege… it’s a right”

Now in its 10th year, The Ottawa Fusion continues to raise the bar in athlete development and preparation for the next level.

As Fusion athletes prepare for the academic challenges of the next level, they have access to TutorOcean’s diversity of tutors for all elementary, high school, and university preparation programs through TutorOcean’s online student portal.

First recognized for its multi-sport approach to training, an approach now gaining favor in many other sports, all Fusion athletes have access to spring dryland and summer multi-sport, beach and indoor volleyball training under the direction of Club Head Coach Jay Mooney.

Fusion was also the first volleyball club in Ontario to impose mandatory concussion baseline testing for all competitive athletes.  Fusion initiated the program in 2016, and with the passing of Rowan’s Law, increasing attention is being focused on the consequences of brain trauma.

As club President, Shaun Illingworth explains “our definition of a truly transformational program includes technical excellence, athletic excellence, and academic excellence.  I am so proud of the programs we have created to develop the best prepared athletes for the next level.”

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