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The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club has created a series of programs that are designed to develop the complete athletes. 

Our programs follow an LTAD approach that focuses on developing strong fundamental movement and physical literacy skills prior to volleyball specific ones.  This ensures that our time with the athlete is not limited to preparing them for success in one sport but instead providing them with all that is needed to be successful in any sport.  

Our program also places a special focus on developing the athletes character skills.  These soft skills will help them learn how to manage failure and success along with how to excel as part of a group and as an individual.

FusionDEVELOP Programs for 2017-2018

Age Gender Program
6-7 Co-ed JR FUSION 1
8-9 Co-ed JR FUSION 2
10-11 Co-ed JR FUSION 3
12-14 Co-ed JR FUSION 4
11-14 Co-ed 4on4 Atomics
15-16 Co-ed 4on4 Isotopes
11 + Co-ed Sitting Volleyball (not available this season)

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NOTE: Athletes can be moved to a higher skilled session if they are advanced for their age. This must be demonstrated in their age group specific sessions and you must be approached by a coach and be in agreement for this take place.