We believe in giving our athletes the most opportunities to develop as possible, which is why we ensure that there are several structures in place throughout the year for the athlete to take advantage of. These could be taken in coordination with existing training to enhance or develop skills.

All current Fusion Club members participate in our club wide June Dryland training sessions at no additional charge. Boys and girls each have 3 days a week for the entire month of June in which they can attend our dry land sessions.

All current Fusion Club athletes also have access to our Full Day Tournaments as part of their Fusion Club Experience.  We love making space for athletes to have fun together while playing sports. The Summer Full-Day Tournaments are designed to do just that! Athletes of all ages and genders play together, learning from one another - whether that's a younger athlete learning a skill from an older athlete or an older athlete learning to be a leader by helping out the younger athletes.

The Elite Summer Training Program is the best place for the athlete who is looking to optimize their entire summer.  Our program runs 3 days a week for a total of 6 weeks.

Our Summer Program has quickly become know as the BEST summer training program - PERIOD!   Our program provides the highest quality coaches and regular access to the same training equipment utilized by National and Professional teams around the world.

At Ottawa Fusion, we have the great privilege of partnering with one of the best volleyball coaches in Ottawa - Sam Ojie. Sam coaches with our club and is also the owner of Master Volleyball Training, where he offers many high-quality services such as 1-on-1 lessons, clinics and camps.

The Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club is running a Club Prep Program geared towards boys aged 12 and 13.  This program is designed for those who have a sports background and are interested in trying out for a competitive club volleyball team next September.   As part of this program, participants will train alongside our clubs competitive 14U Boys team on Saturday mornings beginning Feb. 3rd until May 5th.