Ottawa Fusion Volleyball Club

These one-off sessions are an opportunity for the athletes to really focus on one skill at a time. Our talented coaching staff will design the clinic to enable beginner, intermediate and advanced level athletes to improve and polish their techniques.

Passing and Digging: Every athlete, regardless of position must perfect their passing and digging skills. Ball control is crucial in the game of volleyball and becomes one of the most valuable assets when being evaluated by coaches and recruiters. There is always room to work on your platform and body positioning.

Setting: Setting is not a skill uniquely required by a setter. In out-of-system plays, all players are expected to be able to set the ball. Take the time to work on a soft touch, powerful release and proper foot placement.

Overhand Serve: As athletes become older and more advanced, the overhand serve becomes a key part of the game. Not everyone needs to have a powerful jump serve, but everyone can benefit from an aggressive overhand, standing float. Work on contact with the ball, generating power and body positioning.

Attacking and Blocking: Probably the most flashy aspect of the game, attacking is also the skill that requires the most coordination. Intercepting a ball mid-air, proper footwork, getting maximum height on the approach and an arm swing that won't hurt your shoulder are all things that need time and repetition. Blocking on the other hand, is all about reading other players and knowing the game. Learn about body cues, ball location and closing the block to improve your blocking statistics.

What to expect

  • 1.5 hours of varying levels of complexity and difficulty in the drills to challenge all athletes
  • 30 minutes of skill-focused game time
  • Athletes will be grouped by level


Holy Trinity
180 Katimavik Rd
Kanata, ON  K2L 4AL

Please leave outdoor footwear in hallway.

2018-2019 Clinics

Please register online. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept walk-ins.

Opens in October

Thursdays 8-10 pm

$30 per athlete for each session

$105 per athlete for all sessions

Maximum Participants
Each session will hold a maximum of 8 participants

*Note that for this program to run we require a minimum of 4 participants

Please note: Schedule is subject to change.

Thurs, Nov 18 - 10 pmPassing and Digging Clinic12-15Development: Beginner, Intermediate
Thurs, Nov 88 - 10 pmSetting Clinic12-15Development: Beginner, Intermediate
Thursday, Nov 15 - CANCELLED 8 - 10 pmOverhand Serving Clinic12-15Development: Beginner, Intermediate
Thurs, Nov 298 - 10 pmAttacking and Blocking Clinic12-15Development: Beginner, Intermediate