Training to Develop and have fun!

This series of development programs is designed to help train well-rounded athletes. Each step in this series is made to have a key learning experience and bring the participant one step closer to becoming an athlete. We are not promising a star volleyball player at the end of each program, but we do promise that every participant will grow in their athleticism, develop fundamental physical literacy skills (such as throwing, jumping etc.) and understand what it takes to be a successful athlete in any sport.

Our goal is to spark an interest in fitness, sport and of course volleyball. We ensure to provide the opportunity for each child to become the best athlete they can be and encourage them to pursue the Fusion COMPETE program after Jr. Fusion 4.

What to expect

  • Large variety of structured volleyball drills and games
  • Many opportunities to learn proper technique and cues
  • Multi-sport games and drills, (may include basketball, soccer, track and field)
  • Coaches may adjust the format and rules as required by the number of attendees and skill level
Fusion Compete Taster

Still have some questions?

Ages 6-8 (60 minute program)

This is the perfect program for little sport enthusiasts looking to learn to play different sports in a fun environment. This is a "Bring Your Parent" program, meaning we are encouraging an adult to join the session with every athlete!

Ages 9-11 (90 minute program)

This program is building on the Jr. Fusion Synergy experience by teaching how different skills learned in other sports apply to volleyball.

Ages 12-14 (120 minute program)

This program teaches participants proper technique in the sport of volleyball through skill-focused games. Participants in this program are also encouraged to tryout for the Fusion COMPETE teams!