Our 4-on-4 program is re-branding to Fusion House League! 

This program is designed to provide an environment where athletes grow organically through game play. The limited instruction gives participants a few pointers on what to focus on this session and the remainder of the time is spent playing 4 on 4 which increases the number of touches an athlete gets than they normally would in a 6 vs 6 game.

For the YOUTH program, we purposefully do not build teams, to encourage interaction and flexibility of playing with athletes who have different talents and skills. We do however do our best to ensure that friends play together for at least part of the evening. Our goal is to spark an interest in fitness, sport and of course volleyball. We also encourage all participants to consider the Fusion COMPETE program after Fusion House League YOUTH.

What to expect

  • 30 minutes of instruction and volleyball drills
  • 4 on 4 games for the remainder of the time (2 front row, 2 back row)
  • Games may be timed
  • Coaches may adjust the format and rules as required by the number of attendees and skill level

Ages 12-15 (1.5 - 2 hr program)

We offer the perfect balance between instruction and simple play time. Sign up with your friends and enjoy playing volleyball together!

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