June Dryland

About June Dryland

All current Fusion Club members participate in our club wide June Dryland training sessions at no additional charge. Boys and girls each have 3 days a week for the entire month of June in which they can attend our dry land sessions.

June Dryland Details

Mooney's Bay Park
960 Riverside Dr, Ottawa, ON K1V 8N4

No Charge for all current  Fusion COMPETE Club athletes

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Boys schedule


Summer Tournaments

Summer Full-Day Tournaments

Just another way our club athletes experience our commitment to their continued development as both and athlete and volleyball player.  All current Fusion Club athletes have access to our Full Day Tournaments as part of their Fusion Club Experience.  We love making space for athletes to have fun together while playing sports. The Summer Full-Day Tournaments are designed to do just that! Athletes of all ages and genders play together, learning from one another - whether that's a younger athlete learning a skill from an older athlete or an older athlete learning to be a leader by helping out the younger athletes.

Summer Tournaments Details

This summer athletes will spend half the day competing on the Beach Volleyball Courts, and the other half on the pitch or diamond playing another sport.  Players will compete with and against their own age group as well as other age groups from week to week.

*ALL athletes will participate in a half day beach tournament and a half day tournament featuring a different sport.

**Please bring shoes that can be used for both grass and gravel (for other sport being played)

Bell Sensplex Kanata


No charge for all current Fusion club athletes