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About the program

The Elite Summer Training Program is the best place for the athlete who is looking to optimize their entire summer.  Our program runs 3 full days a week for a total of 6 weeks.

Our Summer Program has quickly become know as the BEST summer training program - PERIOD!   Our program provides the highest quality coaches and regular access to the same training approach utilized by National and Professional teams around the world.

Each week athletes will experience 3 unique days designed to optimize their athleticism and refine their skills.

One full day each week athletes will be on the beach courts developing their athleticism and perfecting their beach volleyball skills.  This day will also have athletes working with expert strength coaches at Fitquest.

A second full day each week will have athletes working on refining their indoor volleyball skills.  With access the best training equipment, athletes will have the opportunity to break down their technical skills and measure their individual progress that is being made each week.  This day also provides athletes the opportunity to work on their Mental Performance skills as they utilize their individual training log book to both reflect on their previous training efforts and prepare themselves for the upcoming sessions.

The third day is a multi sport tournament day.  Athletes will rotate between beach volleyball and other sports such as soccer, ultimate, touch football,  soccer baseball, and spikeball throughout the day. This day provides athletes the opportunity to compete and develop their creativity as an athlete.

When bringing all three days together over a 6 week period, our program is able to provide 4 times the volume of professionally designed and delivered training with our very own professional coaches Sam Ojie and Jay Mooney and do so at approximately 1/3 of the price of other Provincial and National High Performance programs.  

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Elite Summer Training Program

Program details

For athletes currently playing at the club level or intending to play next year at the club level.

(Indoor Sessions) Maurice Lapointe
(Beach Sessions)  Kanata Sensplex
(Tournament Day) Kanata Sensplex

Dates and Times
Beach & Indoor Training
July 2nd – Aug 9th

Multi-Sport Tournament Days
July 8th, July 15th, July 22nd, July 29th, Aug 12th, Aug 19th
Note: No tournaments on July 1st or Aug 5th

Fusion Club Member Price: $720
This price is for athletes on the FusionCOMPETE teams. Please contact if you have not received the code.

NON Fusion Club Member Price: $815

Our low pricing reflects an understanding that most athletes will attend 4 or 5 weeks of training during the 6 week training period.  For this reason we are not able to prorate our prices.

Elite Summer Training Program Schedule

Schedule is subject to change.
Girls born 2007-2005xxx
Girls born 2004 xxx
Girls born 2003-2001xxx
Boys born 2006-2004xxx
Boys born 2003-2001xxx