Due to the ongoing public health state of emergency the Elite Summer Training Program has been updated to align with current Return to Play guidelines.  A Zoom webinar is scheduled for Wednesday June 10th, 2020 at 7PM to present the program, coaches and revised pricing.

Info and registration can be found here:


About the program

Our 2020 Elite Summer Training Program is a true PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN PROCESS that will leverage the best technology to enable continuous monitoring, feedback, assessment and support to reach your goals.  This year’s program will begin online with our Virtual Classroom beginning June 29th and return to the court when health regulations allow for us to do so safely and still achieve training objectives.

Athletes will work with our group of coaches in developing the skills in the following categories:

  1. Technical Skill Development
  2. Tactical Skill Development
  3. Athletic Assessments
  4. Individual Strength and Conditioning Programs
  5. Sport Psychology

In all areas, athletes will experience live online workshops that require active participation with the coaches and the other athletes.  Learning tools will include documents, videos, and activities located in their virtual classroom.  In all cases, athletes will be required to submit their work for coach review as coaches will provide individual feedback for all sessions.

It is important for parents and athletes to note that our program is a true Performance Program - which goes far beyond “explainer videos” to actively impacting the athlete’s ability to improve.  This requires continued error detection and correction from a coaching staff whether on the court or in the classroom.


Program details

For athletes currently playing at the club level or intending to play next year at the club level.


Payment Options 
1 - Online Payment in Full 
2 – Online Deposits of $25are available prior to June 1st.  The deposit will secure a registration up to June 15th at which time the balance owed is required to secure the registration and avoid being replaced from the waiting list. 

Please contact headcoach@ottawafusion.ca if you have any questions!

Age/GenderRegistration Link
Girls born in 2008-2007Click here
Girls born in 2006-2005Click here
Girls born in 2004-2002Click here
Boys born in 2007-2005Click here
Boys born in 2004-2002Click here

*Note that Tournament Day and Beach Training Days are Rain or Shine

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